Serial Killers

Killer Profile: Speed Freak Killers Shermantine and Herzog (2013)

Serial Killers


Killer Profile: Speed Freak Killers Shermantine and Herzog (2013)

Killer Profile” is a brilliant crime documentary series from LMN that enlists the aid of 3 criminal profilers to help the viewers gain a fuller understanding of the horrific crimes and morbid motivations of certain serial killers..

Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, a.k.a, the ‘Speed Freak Killers‘ were childhood best friends whose love of hunting would eventually lead to a passion for ‘hunting people’… California investigators believe that this lethal pair of speed freaks may be responsible for the deaths of as many as 20 people, disposing of their bodies in mine shafts, remote hill sides and even buried underneath a trailer park.

“In the new nonfiction series “Killer Profile,” three highly trained, successful criminal profilers lead viewers through the troubled minds and disturbing exploits of some of America’s most vicious serial killers. Each one-hour episode will focus on a single notorious serial killer. Viewers will hear from the detectives who worked the cases, the witnesses and, in many cases, the killers themselves… ” – LMN


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