Serial Killers

Mind Hunters (1998)

Serial Killers


The New Detectives: Mind Hunters (1998)

Discovery Channel’s ‘The New Detectives‘ examines the modern investigative field of  ‘psychological profiling‘… features the work of  renown ‘criminal profilers‘, Robert Ressler & Robert Hazelwood  and how their ‘psychological profiles‘ helped track the violent crime sprees of Richard Chase (The Vampire Killer)Mike DeBardeleben, (The Mall Passer) and John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown)  …

“These human monsters feel they can never be caught, they are invulnerable, yet with each new victim each drop of blood, each fiber or DNA strand left at the scene of a crime the mind hunters probe deeper into the killers mind. Perhaps the day will come when Profilers won’t be needed, but for now the mind hunters will have to continue looking into the Abyss.”…  Kathy E

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