Serial Killers

The Confession (2010)

Serial Killers


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How do you get a suspected serial killer to confess to two murders and lead the police to the location of one of the still missing women even before all the evidence is in?…

In a stunning follow-up to their previous ‘Above Suspicion‘ documentary on the crimes of Col. Russel Williams, Bob McKeown of the CBC’s ‘The Fifth Estate‘ breaks down the brilliant interrogation methods used by Ottawa Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth to get Williams to confess

“In a commercial-free special edition of the fifth estate, Bob McKeown deconstructs the interrogation and shocking confession of Russell Williams. From his initial denial to the full declaration of guilt, the fifth estate deciphers one of the most compelling and distressing confessions in Canadian criminal history with the help of people who know the art of interrogation better than anyone else. For many months, the fifth estate has been following the story of Russell Williams and now is able to piece it together from the early clues to the final confession.”… The Fifth Estate


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