Crime / Murder

A Murder in the Park (2014)

Crime / Murder


A Murder in the Park (2014)

Anthony Porter was convicted of a double-murder in Chicago in 1982 and placed on death row.

In 1999, within 48 hours of being executed, a Northwestern University Journalism class under the guidance of Professor David Protess of the Innocence Project, produced new evidence & a video confession from the ‘real killer’, Alstory Simon, that exonerated Porter of the crime & facilitated his quick release from prison.

But was Anthony Porter really innocent of the crime or did an over zealous, manipulative professor (with a personal agenda to abolish the death penalty), conduct a clever ruse to frame another man for the murder?..

Incredible documentary by Shawn Rech & Brandon Kimber that lays out all the twisted facts in this extremely rare story where the Justice System was, seemingly, guilty of both serving justice well and then conducting a horrible miscarriage of justice in the exact same case.

“As questions arose, journalists clung to the “confession” of the “real killer.” A confession coerced after an armed home invasion by police-impersonating private detectives hired by the University.” MipFilm


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  1. Angie M

    February 25, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    WHAT is wrong????? No matter which documentary I click on to watch, it just keeps spinning, or it says it’s not available or it stays in a small square rather than going full screen. HOW do I watch your documentaries???????

    • Bobby

      March 2, 2016 at 12:24 am

      Hi Angie .. not sure what device you’re using to access the site but the video for me (on PC & laptop) works perfectly. Just make sure you have an adblocker turned on and try revisiting the page. Some videos may take a little longer to load (depending where the video is located) but no more than 20-30 secs.


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