Serial Killers

To Catch A Serial Killer (2012)

Serial Killers


[learn_more caption=”CNN Presents: To Catch A Serial Killer (2012)” state=”open”]

… fascinating documentary by CNN on suspected serial killer Larry Hall and how the district attorney in the case devised a plan that offered ‘early release’ to a convicted drug dealer if he were able to infiltrate the trust of Larry Hall in prison and gain a confession to the cases of the missing women in Indiana…

“CNN’s Brooke Baldwin reports on a mystery that began in small towns across the Midwest. Several young girls went missing. Some were found murdered. Others were never found at all. And all of these cases went unsolved. Investigators believed only one man knew what happened. To get answers, it would take a risky, unusual plan: send a convicted drug dealer undercover into a dangerous prison to befriend an alleged serial killer. At stake: answers, peace for grieving families, and one man’s freedom. ” – CNN Pressroom


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